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We are a small independently owned practice which means you will see the same therapist every time you come in!  We believe that a well-developed partnership between practitioner and patient is instrumental in the healing process.

Hand Therapy

We are happy to be opening our new location!!


Angela had been providing hand therapy services in San Diego for over 10 years before partnering with a colleague in private practice, forming SoCal Hand Therapy.  SCHT opened our doors in 2008 sharing space with a private physical therapy practiced.  In 2010 Angela took sole ownership of the practice when her partner relocated.  As the practice grew she began searching for the perfect time and space to open an independent clinic that is dedicated to offering a range of occupational therapy services.

The decision was prompted by a desire to create a more nurturing, less clinical, environment for our patients.  We wanted to be able to offer highly individualized care, allowing ample time to fully evaluate and address the needs of our patients. Understanding that our patient's lead busy lives we wanted to be able to offer evening and weekend appointments.        



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Professional Service


As professionals in our field, SoCal Hand Therapy strives to stay on top of the most up-to-date interventions for the treatment of orthopedic and neurologic upper extremity conditions.  Angela and her team of consultants are Registered Occupational Therapists and have received certification by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission and have extensive expertise in various specialties within the practice of Occupational Therapy. 

What can we design for you?


Not only do we have prefabricated splints available for purchase in our retail space, PROVA, but we also make custom splints. 

PHYSICIANS: SoCal Hand Therapy will make every effort to accommodate your same-day custom splinting needs.

About Angela


Angela received her Occupational Therapy degree from her home state at the University of North Dakota in 1991.  She continued her development as a therapist by becoming a Certified Hand Therapist in 1997 and earning her Master of Science in Exercise and Nutritional Studies from San Diego State University in 1998.  Along her journey as a therapist she has mentored many undergraduate students hoping to enroll in occupational therapy graduate programs, as well as, mentor new therapists. 

As a Navy spouse she worked in several states including Illinois, Washington, and California. She has had the opportunity to treat individuals from various labor industries and diverse cultural backgrounds.  She created SoCal Hand Therapy in 2008 and in 2015 she moved to her current location in Banker's Hill.   

When she is not working at her practice, she loves spending time with her husband and dog Massimo (a.k.a Max).  She enjoys volunteering her time at the German Short-Haired Pointer Rescue which is where she met her dog, Max.  Angela continues to embrace her love of learning.  She is a passionate student of Italian language and culture. She enjoys traveling and cooking. 

As a member of the Performing Arts Medicine Association she nurtures her interest in music and the arts.  She has taken guitar and cello lessons in an effort to better understand the physical demands and potential ergonomic implications of practice and performance. She has aspirations to sample more instruments and is grateful for the support and mentorship of her musician-clients.

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